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Insect/Rodent Control

Visitors from down below…

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Insect/Rodent Control

Unwanted visitors come in many forms.  Some looking for shelter, others food, some water.  An entire biosphere can exist in the dark depth below your floors, and a properly sealed crawlspace will eliminate most of these intruders.  Termites, a massive problem in many warmer climates of the US, require water as they consume your home. Ants, spiders and centipedes, along with hundreds of other bugs thrive in moist conditions, and effortlessly travel between the crawlspace and the living area of your home.  A Seamless Nu-Crawl Space liner is the barricade you need to stop the onslaught of all insects.  Using closed cell foam as wall insulation to stop air infiltration also can stop insects. When used in combination, with steel wool closed cell foam can stop the most persistent rodent problems. Our certified Nu-Crawl installers are well versed in insect and rodent control.

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