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Nu-Crawl System

Perfect Seal Permanent Results

Nu-Crawl System

Your crawlspace needs to be sealed and dry that’s it …but it is not simple to do.

You wouldn’t use a plastic tarp and tape as a permanent solution to a leaky roof and you shouldn’t use it in your crawl space and expect it to last.  Concrete is great for a drive way but it will crack and let in moisture, so if the goal is a dry conditioned space concrete is not the right material.

The solution is here in the Nu-Crawl Space System. 

1. Extremely Durable – Nu-Crawl polyurea sprayed onto woven geo-textile has unparalleled strength and is nearly puncture proof. It is not an issue to walk and store heavy items on the Nu-Crawl Liner, regardless of the ground type.

2. Nu-Crawl Liners are custom made to fit the dimensions of the crawlspace floor. All liners are made in America at facilities designed to ensure quality each installation.

3. Nu-Crawl becomes a seamless liner as technicians are able to join the multiple liners together, and make every cut, and join to footing, pipe, or pier a perfect seal.

4. Nu-Crawl is a sprayed polymer, and is designed to bond immediately and permanently to nearly any substrate. This means we can attach our liners to stay completely and truly sealed. Suitable surfaces Nu-Crawl will bond with include concrete, CMU block, steel, and brick to name a few.

5. Nu-Crawl liners can cover vertical or steeply sloping ground, and will not pull down or be affected by gravity. Liners are permanently attached to points above and therefore will not shift down or come apart (like plastic/tape systems)

6. Nu-Crawl materials as called pure Polyureas, and therefore have no VOCs. The materials are safe to spray and use indoors, including use as sprayed potable water retention and for food processing plants. Polyurea is a very safe, and common material used by industry worldwide. Nu-Crawl is the first of its kind to be brought into the residential construction industry.

7. Nu-Crawl has immediate curing, within 15 seconds, and therefore technicians can easily work in the confined space and move about easily after spraying work is done. This allows installation crews to re-visit their work and make touch ups as needed. The immediate return to service also is an advantage to homeowners who would like to inspect or who need immediate storage.

8. Many crawlspaces are rough and bumpy, and the loose ground sometimes is still experiencing settling. Using the Nu-Crawl System, there is no concern for cracking or punctures. This is especially good for new construction projects, when crawlspaces are part of the build design.

9. Headroom is a constant factor in a crawlspace, and using Nu-Crawl Liners maintains whatever headroom is available (unlike concrete)

10. Nu-Crawl RFX (reflective insulation) works for double purposes. It insulates as well as moisture proofs the walls. Our RFX materials are greatly enhanced as sprayed Nu-Crawl polymers are used to seal and seam the RFX insulation as it is installed. Effective R-value increases by double or more, by controlling the cold and moisture behind the RFX. The insulated liner allows the air space to be conditioned and reduces humidity, which is the cornerstone of crawlspace encapsulation.

11. The Nu-Crawl Seamless liner is suitable for storage, and meets residential building code for fire safety and vapor transmission.

12. Nu-Crawl liners are backed by a 100 year manufacturer warranty, as all liners are individually made in America to ensure the highest quality end product and installation.

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