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The Nu-Crawl Seamless System.

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Time is the test for any building material or method. It’s proven that exposed dirt crawlspaces are not efficient or safe, and sealing or encapsulating them has become a new specialty for many companies. Unfortunately this new industry has done next to nothing to create better systems that go beyond just using plastic and tape. The test of time once again has proven these methods are temporary and inherently weak and ill planned. Making liners with tape does not “hold water” on paper or in practice.  Some companies have resorted to costly installation of concrete, but concrete is porous and eventually will crack. ….

From necessity comes invention, and the Nu-Crawl system was developed as a permanent way of sealing and insulating crawlspaces.  The developers and founders at Nu-Crawl are builders and water proofers with decades of work experience, finding the same old problems.  Polyurea used in making a completely seamless system is revolutionary in the encapsulation and waterproofing field.  The result is a dry space with a durable vapor barrier stronger than any other product on the market.  The necessity to correct old building design flaws and longevity issues by the Nu-Crawl team, led to the design of the Nu-Crawl system.  The Nu-Crawl sprayed seamless polyurea liner was conceived and built to accomplish two main goals:

Perfect Seal and Permanent Results

This is why we are so confident in our product we can offer a 100 year guarantee.

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Nu-Crawl Encapsulation System

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Nu-Crawl Encapsulation System

Nu-Crawl System Benefits

Nu-Crawl System Benefits

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