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Home Energy Savings

Make your crawlspace efficient

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Home Energy Savings

Home performance experts agree, the best way to save on energy consumption is to air seal and insulate. Only spray foam can truly air seal, making it an obvious choice for the encapsulation process.

A sealed conditioned crawlspace will keep floors warmer in winter and air drier in summer. The Nu-Crawl Space Encapsulation System combines closed cell foam with reflective wall insulation systems, all forming a complete seal from moisture, outside temperatures and air infiltration.

  • Vent sealing and insulating
  • Closed cell foam means high performance insulation
  • Closed cell foam insulation does not support mold growth
  • Say goodbye to high energy bills
  • Is environmentally friendly, and completely non-toxic (no HFCs, HCFCs, formaldehyde or asbestos)
  • Ensures your crawl space assumes the humidity and efficiency characteristics of your living space
  • Makes cold floors above a crawlspace warmer

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