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  • 15th January, 2018

    The Danger Of Radon In Your Crawl Space

    Radon is a colorless, odorless, and naturally occurring gas that is emitted from natural deposits of uranium in the soil, rocks, and water. Radon is a result of decaying uranium and is a naturally radioactive element. Two radon atoms are released from every square centimeter of soil everywhere every second of each day. Of course, […]

  • 29th December, 2017

    How To Create A Closed Conditioned Crawlspace

    Feeling winter blues because your house seems cold and drafty?  Bets are your crawl space is to blame. As your crawl space company in the North Shore, we are sharing how to create a closed conditioned crawl space. Ineffective Fiberglass – Allows Air Infiltration And Cold Original thinking about crawlspaces was to let air from […]

  • 15th December, 2017

    What To Do If You Find Critters In Your Crawl Space

    It’s getting cold in the Chicagoland area. Animals are seeking shelter and may intrude into the crawl space under your home. Your home’s crawl space is designed to give access to your home’s piping and utility systems and to create an insulating gap between your home and the ground. It should not be a home […]

  • 28th November, 2017

    3 Crawl Space Myths

    3 Crawl Space Myths

    There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding your crawl space. What do you really know about the space underneath your home? As your local crawl space repair company, we are sharing the truth about 3 common crawl space myths. Myth: Insulating the crawlspace ceiling in between floor joists will make floors warmer Trying to […]

  • 14th November, 2017

    Is Your Crawl Space Ready For Winter?

    Crawl Space Ready For Winter

    With the holiday season upon us and temperatures dropping, it’s time to start preparing your home for winter. Cold floors, bursting pipes, and high energy bills are often the primary concerns of homeowners. One of the best ways to prepare for winter is crawl space encapsulation. If you have a crawl space that is not […]

  • 24th October, 2017

    How Your Crawl Space Is Impacting Your Energy Bills

    Crawl Space Is Impacting Your Energy Bills

    Is your crawl space to blame for your high energy bills? Today, it’s getting difficult for homeowners to keep up with rising energy costs. Thousands of dollars are being spent on new windows, new HVAC systems, attic insulation, etc., all to try and lower utility bills. Often, homeowners are neglecting a very important part of […]

  • 24th October, 2017

    Why Does My Crawl Space Smell?

    Crawl Space Repair Barrington

    As your local crawl space repair Barrington company, we get a fair amount of calls from homeowners that complain that they have foul odors coming from their crawl space. Unlike smells coming from your fridge, the source of odors in your crawl space is not as obvious. We have created a list of some ways […]

  • 22nd September, 2017

    What Can You Store In Your Crawlspace?


    Often times, our homes just are not big enough to store all of the items we own. When this occurs, many people turn to their crawl space, garage, or attic for additional storage space. Your crawl space can be an ideal spot for storing unnecessary items that can safely remain out of sight, however, only […]

  • 21st September, 2017

    What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?

    Crawlspace encapsulation is a generic term that is used to describe a crawlspace that is protected by moisture. This term is used frequently by different basement waterproofing companies. The purpose of crawlspace encapsulation is to create an environment that can be controlled. Types Of Crawl Space Encapsulation Not all crawlspace encapsulation methods are created equal. […]

  • 29th August, 2017

    Do You Have Toxic Mold In Your Crawl Space?

    Most homeowners understand the dangers and health hazards associated with mold. We know that mold can be toxic and cause severe health complications. However, what some homeowners may not know, is how to identify toxic mold in their home. Mold can come in hundreds of varieties. Mold can range from being extremely toxic to harmless. […]

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