Fun fact: the official start of spring is March 20th! Making sure you fix your crawl space before the dog days of summer hit is always a good idea. We’ve outlined some of the most common issues in crawl spaces and what you can do to combat them.


No secret here! Moisture in all forms is the arch enemy of your crawl space. Running water, standing water or evaporation can all cause major issues like rotting, foul odors and mold. To combat this, you’ll need to completely seal off the dirt or gravel floor.  Even a concrete floor is porous and emits humidity any time of year. 

Pesky Animals

There are a ton of animals that might try to make your crawl space their home, including mice, snakes, termites, ants and many more. The smell of animal waste and dead animals may escape your crawl space and take over other areas of your house. Yuck! One way to fix this crawl space issue is by installing a Nu-Crawl Encapsulation System! (crawl space encapsulation).

Sump Pump Failures

If your sump pump fails, your crawl space might flood as a result. Many homeowners don’t check their crawl spaces often, so the water could be sitting there for months. Having a backup system in place is a good idea to prevent this from happening.

If you need to fix your crawl space, we recommend doing so before the warm weather hits. Our professionals at Nu-Crawl can help fix your crawl space immediately!