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Air Quality Improvement

Is your crawlspace a hidden Health Hazard? Make your home healthy from the ground up with Nu-Crawl Space.

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Air Quality Improvement

Living with an exposed crawlspace is living with a hidden health hazard. Properly sealing the ground should become a priority for any home owner. It is not soon enough to respond to foul smells coming from your crawlspace, but preventative care is the less expensive repair and healthier option.

Wet crawlspaces inevitably create mold, whether on the ground or on the wood structure of your home. Mold spores can be toxic to some people, and also can cause allergies and asthma. This is especially true with young people with forming lungs, and older people with decreasing immunity. Dry crawlspaces are also a concern, as dust will travel easily into the living environment of your home. Sewer backups also happen, which can lead to a crawlspace becoming a biohazard.

A healthy home depends on a high performance sealed liner system, only offered by Nu-Crawl Seamless Crawlspace System.

  • Controls Allergens
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Stops foul odors
  • Can reduce asthma issues
  • Prevents dust

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