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The Storage Space You Are Neglecting

23rd January, 2018

Storage space in your home is often hard to come by. From clothing to toys to decorations, there does not ever seem to be enough space for all the things in your home. It’s not uncommon for families to resort to renting out a storage unit. Unfortunately, storage spaces are a very expensive long-term solution. Homeowners often forget about the huge built-in storage space underneath their home – their crawl space! Your crawl space might be the largest room in your house, and the most unused. Our team at Nu-Crawl is sharing the benefits of hiring our team to fix your crawl space so that it makes the perfect long-term storage space.

Fix Your Crawl Space

In order to use your crawl space as a storage space, it needs to be sealed and dry. Sealing your crawl space is not an easy task and is best left to the professionals. When you hire our team to fix your crawl space, you are working with a team of water-proofers with decades of experience fixing the same problems. The Nu-Crawl Liner is an extremely durable monolithic floor barrier, with unbelievable resistance and strength to handle all storage needs. Our seamless liner is perfect for storage and meets residential building code for safety and vapor transmission.

Your Perfect Storage Space

Once your crawl space is perfectly sealed and conditioned, it is ready to move your items in. There is no need to worry about storing all your items in plastic bins or setting up traps for critters. The Nu-Crawl liner prevents moisture and provides insect and provides rodent control. Once you hire our team to fix your crawl space, it will become your most valuable storage area. Not only will you have tons of added space in your home to store all those unused toys and decorations, you will save money on monthly storage space rent.

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