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How To Create A Closed Conditioned Crawlspace

29th December, 2017

Feeling winter blues because your house seems cold and drafty?  Bets are your crawl space is to blame. As your crawl space company in the North Shore, we are sharing how to create a closed conditioned crawl space.

Ineffective Fiberglass – Allows Air Infiltration And Cold

Original thinking about crawlspaces was to let air from outside cross ventilate through the small outside air vents, and thereby exchange bad air with good. The idea made sense in the days before climate control and mechanical air circulation using the furnace and air conditioning system of a home. Insulating a crawlspace with fiberglass tucked in the floor joists was the only technology of the time, but today technological and material advancements change all of that. Now, using sprayed foam insulation, reflective insulation, and seamless sprayed floor liners, we are able to maintain the temperature, humidity and air quality of a crawl space to be equal of the rest of the home.

Protect Your Ductwork

Many homes have ductwork in the crawlspace, which means it needs to be in a friendly environment for the entire HVAC system to work right. The only way to accomplish that is insulating against the elements (outside air and humidity), by focussing on the crawlspace walls and sill boxes. Like a basement, insulating and air sealing the exterior foundation will make the efficiency of the HVAC and the entire airspace of the crawlspace equal to the rest of the house.

Nu-Crawl Space Technology

The risk of insulating and air sealing this way is creating a humid environment since most crawl spaces are dirt, gravel or even porous concrete. Humidity from the ground will build up in a sealed and conditioned crawl space unless efforts are made to perfectly seal off the ground. Luckily, with advanced methods such as sprayed polyurea liners from Nu-Crawl, we can finally achieve a high strength, long-term solution to sealing off humidity and soil gases. Not only that, added foam board insulation can be put on the ground below the seamless liners, increasing efficiency again!

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