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What To Do If You Find Critters In Your Crawl Space

15th December, 2017

It’s getting cold in the Chicagoland area. Animals are seeking shelter and may intrude into the crawl space under your home. Your home’s crawl space is designed to give access to your home’s piping and utility systems and to create an insulating gap between your home and the ground. It should not be a home for critters and wild animals. If animals move into your crawl space they can damage your home, create noise at all times of the day, and cause terrible odors. It’s important to take action against critters in your crawl space before they begin to aggressively protect their shelter. As your crawl space repair Schaumburg company, we are sharing tips for what to do if you find critters in your crawl space.

Say No To Poison

While poison may seem like the obvious solution for protecting your crawl space, it is not humane. When you poison an animal it will more than likely die and decompose in your crawl space. This will cause horrible odors and is not a long-term solution to preventing critters in your crawl space. Safer, more humane, and permanent prevention solutions are available.

Removing An Animal

Create a trap with glue boards. Glue boards are cardboard sheets that are covered with tacky glue. Small animals will become stuck in the glue when they attempt to cross over the traps. Purchase glue boards from your local hardware store or an exterminator. Remove the occupied trap and carry it far away from your home. Be very cautious because the trapped animal could become aggressive. Pour vegetable oil on and around the trapped animal. This will slowly break down the glue so the animal can escape unharmed. If the animal appears to be aggressive or too large for you to handle, contact a professional immediately.

Permanent Critter Control

The best way to prevent critters from getting in your crawl space is to hire a crawl space repair Schaumburg company to install a seamless Nu-Crawl Space liner. The Nu-Crawl liner will act as a barricade to stop the onslaught of all critters. Closed cell foam and wall insulation will stop insects from making your crawl space their winter hang out. Our certified Nu-Crawl Installers are well versed in insect and rodent control.

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