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3 Crawl Space Myths

28th November, 2017 3 Crawl Space Myths

There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding your crawl space. What do you really know about the space underneath your home? As your local crawl space repair company, we are sharing the truth about 3 common crawl space myths.

Myth: Insulating the crawlspace ceiling in between floor joists will make floors warmer

Trying to hang fiberglass in the floor joists in a crawlspace ceiling is hard work, and unfortunately, it can cause more damage than good. Flow through insulation, such as fiberglass, can allow moisture laden air that becomes trapped and can cause mold. Correct insulation in a crawlspace should be done against the cold foundation walls, and should also include air sealing. The Nu-Crawl Encapsulation System provides air sealing with sprayed foam insulation in the rim joist above the foundation, and a moisture resistant reflective insulation on the foundation. Adding air supply from your duct system further improves air quality and makes warmer floors!

Myth: You can resolve humidity issues in your crawl space by simply installing a vent.

It is not advised that you add additional vents in order to solve the problem of humidity. Adding in vents opens up holes in the foundation of your home. Holes in your foundation results in openings for moisture and rodents.A proper encapsulation will air seal all existing outside air vents and use the HVAC and duct system in the crawlspace to provide conditioned air. Insulating your foundation is also part of this. Just think of your encapsulated crawl space like a miniature basement – dry and warm during winter, and dry in summer.

Myth: A crawl space should maintain a relative humidity above 80%.

Between 30 and 50% humidity in your crawl space is ideal. In order to lower the humidity level in your crawl space talk with our team at Nu-Crawl about a crawl space repair. Our developers and founders have decades of experience waterproofing and sealing crawl spaces. The Nu-Crawl Encapsulation System provides a dry space with a durable vapor barrier, and necessary air sealing and foundation insulation.

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