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Why Does My Crawl Space Smell?

24th October, 2017 Crawl Space Repair Barrington

As your local crawl space repair Barrington company, we get a fair amount of calls from homeowners that complain that they have foul odors coming from their crawl space. Unlike smells coming from your fridge, the source of odors in your crawl space is not as obvious. We have created a list of some ways to identify odor issues in your crawlspace and what to do to prevent them.

Uninvited Rodent Guests

Do you see droppings in your crawl space? This is an obvious sign that rodents have made your crawl space their new cozy home. Both dead and living rodents will definitely stink up your home. Have a professional crawl space repair Barrington company permanently seal your crawl space in order to prevent rodents from moving in.


Mold will grow in your crawl space due to moisture. Not all molds produce a smell, they can cause wood structures, or other organic materials to decay and create a nasty mildew odor. If you store boxes in your crawl space, it is a good idea to inspect them for mold, especially if the air feels humid. Mold is a potential health risk and danger to your family. It is important if you do find mold that you contact your crawl space repair Barrington company ASAP!

Soil Beneath Your Home

If you have a crawl space with unsealed floors that are exposed to dirt, the dirt may be the source of the bad smell. Soils are naturally full of small organic materials which will decompose over time. The natural process of decay inevitably will emit odors and even odorless radon gas, which can be very dangerous. Moisture within the soil is bound to permeate upwards, causing the crawl space to become damp and a great place for mold to grow. The best solution? Permanently sealing your crawl space with Nu-Crawl.

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