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How Your Crawl Space Is Impacting Your Energy Bills

24th October, 2017 Crawl Space Is Impacting Your Energy Bills

Is your crawl space to blame for your high energy bills? Today, it’s getting difficult for homeowners to keep up with rising energy costs. Thousands of dollars are being spent on new windows, new HVAC systems, attic insulation, etc., all to try and lower utility bills. Often, homeowners are neglecting a very important part of their home that could be causing them a steep increase in their energy bills – their crawlspace. As your crawl space company in Buffalo Grove, we want local homeowners to understand how their crawl space is impacting their energy bills and how to save money!

Think Of Your Home As A System

Open crawl space vents and humid crawl spaces under your home are literally pouring unconditioned outside air into your home. Unless these air leaks are sealed, air will pass through them. Think of your house like a dynamically controlled system – every part has an impact on the health, energy, and stability of one another. The crawlspace air is mixing and affecting the air temperatures and overall air quality every moment of every day.  

Sealing Your Crawl Space

Home performance experts agree the greatest way to save on your energy bills is to seal and insulate your crawl space. Sealing your crawl space will keep unconditioned and damp air out of your home. Our crawl space company Buffalo Grove team has created the only permanent solution to seal your home – the Nu-Crawl Seamless Crawlspace System. The Nu-Crawl system combines closed cell foam with reflective wall insulation systems, all forming a complete seal from moisture, outside temperatures, and air infiltration.

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