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What Can You Store In Your Crawlspace?

22nd September, 2017 Crawlspace

Often times, our homes just are not big enough to store all of the items we own. When this occurs, many people turn to their crawl space, garage, or attic for additional storage space. Your crawl space can be an ideal spot for storing unnecessary items that can safely remain out of sight, however, only if it is permanently sealed and moisture free. Our crawl space Encapsulation Barrington company provides a permanent way of sealing and insulating your crawl space. We promise to improve air quality in your home, provide home energy savings, and deliver an insect and moisture free crawl space. Food, clothing, holiday decorations, etc. can all be stored in your crawl space once your Nu-Crawl system is installed.

Out of Season Items

Items like holiday decorations, pool toys, outdoor furniture, etc., can all be safely stored in your crawlspace. These are items that you only need during certain times of the year. Storing them in your crawl space gets them out of the way and allows you to easily access them when you do need them.


As families grow, closet space decreases. Storing clothing in a crawl space is a great option for Barrington residents who experience all four seasons. A crawl space is great spot to keep winter gear or bathing suits during the off-season when they are not being used. If your crawl space is not properly sealed and insulated, storing clothing could create the perfect comfy home for insects and rodents. Our crawl space encapsulation Barrington company makes it possible for you to have added closet space in your home. A seamless Nu-Crawl Space liner creates a barricade to stop pests from nesting in your crawl space. Using closed cell foam as wall insulation to stop air infiltration also can stop insects.


If you have a large family and buying food in bulk, storing food in your crawl space could be very helpful. With a sealed crawl space you can turn your crawl space into an additional pantry. You will be able rest easy knowing that rodents are not having a feast at your family’s expense.

Before you start filling your crawl space, it is important that you make proper preparations. Call Nu-Crawl, your crawl space encapsulation Barrington company, to get your crawlspace properly sealed and insulated. Once your Nu- Crawl seamless crawl space system is installed you will have the perfect space to store anything you need. Call today at (630) 561-5200.

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