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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality

29th August, 2017

Every homeowner wants to create a healthy and comfortable living environment for their family. It’s important to consider the places that you can’t see when working to improve your indoor air quality. Spaces like your attic and crawl space systems will have a huge impact on the quality of air in your entire home. It’s essential that you keep these areas clean in order to prevent respiratory issues and other health problems that are caused by poor air quality. Unfortunately, cleaning a crawl space or attic is not housework that homeowners typically enjoy doing. At Nu-Crawl our seamless crawl space system is designed to make your home healthy from the ground up. The best part? We do all the heavy lifting for you!

Why is air quality so important?

Poorly maintained crawl space systems are a major source of allergens in your home. The particles from your crawl space can become airborne and will travel through the cracks and gaps in your floor boards into the main and upper levels of your home. When you have poor air quality it can cause severe health complications such as the following:

  • Headaches
  • Asthma
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Nose and eye irritation


The Solution: Nu-Crawl Crawl Space Systems

The best way to protect your family from poor air quality is to hire a professional to take a look at your crawl space system. Living with an exposed crawl space is living with a hidden health hazard. Our team at Nu-Crawl will install a permanent crawl space system that results in a dry space with a durable vapor barrier stronger than any product on the market. The Nu-Crawl sprayed seamless polyurea liner was created to accomplish two main goals: perfect seal and permanent results. Our crawl space systems will improve indoor air quality by:

  • Controlling allergens
  • Stopping foul odors
  • Preventing mold growth
  • Preventing dust

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