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3 Common Crawlspace Mistakes Homeowners Make

31st July, 2017 Crawlspace Company Barrington

As your local crawlspace company in Barrington, we have seen just about everything when it comes to DIY crawlspace mistakes. Your crawlspace needs to be sealed and dry, however, it’s not easy to do. Don’t make these 3 common DIY crawlspace mistakes we have seen homeowners make.

  1. Trying to improve humidity issues with a vent. Keeping your vents clear and working properly is essential. However,. It’s not advisable to add additional vents because it opens up holes in your foundation. Holes in your foundation creates more potential openings for water seepage and rodents. Talk to your professional crawlspace company in Barrington on proper crawlspace protocol for your home.
  2. Venting your dryer into a crawlspace. Homeowners that install their own washer and dryer system will often make this crawlspace mistake. Letting your dryer vent into your crawlspace pumps enormous amounts of warm moist air into the crawlspace. The warm air will move upward into your home and combine with the cool air coming in from outdoors. This will create the perfect formula for moisture damage.
  3. Gutter and downspouts that are too close to the house. DIY gutter and downspout installers will often forget about the impact the water will have on a crawlspace. These systems are designed to collect the water falling on your home and distribute it further away in order to protect the home’s foundation. When gutters aren’t installed properly and downspouts do not carry water far enough away from the home, moisture will leak into the crawlspace.

Are you experiencing moisture issues in your home? Are there problems with your air quality? Do you have an insect/rodent problem? Don’t attempt a DIY crawlspace repair!

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