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3 Ways Your Crawlspace Affects Your Home

15th July, 2017

As a homeowner, it’s easy to not put much thought into your crawlspace. Most homeowners adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” mindset. However, you may not be aware of how your crawl space actually affects your home. It’s not uncommon to find disgusting conditions festering beneath your home that can harm your family and your biggest asset – your home. No matter how long you’ve owned your home, it is a good idea to inspect and fix crawl spaces when problems and hazards arise. As your local crawlspace experts, we are sharing 5 serious ways your crawlspace is affecting your home.

    1. Air Quality – When a crawlspace is left unattended, moisture in the crawl space isn’t properly monitored. It’s easy for moisture to develop in a crawl space due to changing temperatures, weather, lack of preemptive measures, and more. When moisture exists, mold and rot will develop in the insulation and beams of your crawlspace. Mold and rot will release mycotoxins that will seep through the floorboards and into your home. Dry crawlspaces are also a concern, as dust will travel easily into the living environment of your home. Learn how to fix crawlspace air quality.
    2. Rodent Infestations – Holes the size of a dime can let creatures into your crawlspace. If you do not take proper measures to create a predator-proof crawlspace, it will become a comfy home for all sorts of critters. Learn more about how Nu-Crawl can create the barricade you need.
    3. High Energy Bills – When your crawlspace is not properly insulated it allows a significant amount of heat to escape from your home. Because of the high transfer rate of the air from your crawlspace to your home, cold air can easily sabotage all of the time and effort your heating system uses to heat up your home. Homeowners who do not have a properly insulated crawlspace will find that they spend large amounts of money heating their home in winter and cooling in summer. Learn how you can save money on your energy bills.

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